Best antivirus for Windows 10 | Is Windows Defender good enough?

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Often brushed off, as some kind of out-of-season April Fools joke, Windows Defender is rarely considered to be a proper antivirus. Today, we’ll attempt to fix that by reviewing Windows Defender. Can it substitute a paid antivirus? Does it have all it takes to keep you protected? Can it work without loading your PC beyond reason?
Get ready to find out.

Windows Defender is basically the first antivirus of any beginner Windows user, since it’s preinstalled into the OS. That means it has to be easy to use and understand, which is almost the case. One of the issues with new users is setup for the Ransomware protection – that requires a OneDrive which a beginner user may not have. Another important point – navigation. While it’s easy to navigate the app, almost as easy as TotalAV or Kaspersky, when it comes to settings, Windows Defender gives users the Norton treatment. Almost every feature has a hyperlink to a separate settings window, and getting lost in there is really easy.

Windows Defender has decent security, it takes care of viruses and all kinds of malware, internal or external, but it’s only covering the basic protection and their database is not updated that often. Unlike Norton, TotalAV or Kaspersky, Windows Defender doesn’t provide any additional features beyond the basic security, making it quite one-sided. Modern antivirus software has to be versatile, and Windows Defender doesn’t quite satisfy that point.