How to stop ISP throttling with a VPN | Get your true speed


One of the worst things your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can do to you is throttling. Wondering what ISP throttling is? Oh, just a neat way to ensure you are not using up a lot of bandwidth, by cutting down your speed to smithereen. If you’ve ever experienced your internet connection slowing down to one of a snail it’s most likely ISP throttling at it’s “best”.

Using VPN vs ISP throttling is also very easy. All you have to do is download a VPN, run it and connect to the server closest to you, even a server in your country will do. Download the VPN, install it, following all guidelines and run the app. After that “quick connect” yields me a fast and encrypted connection that can’t be throttled by ISP anymore.

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00:50 ISP throttling explained
1:33 Check if you’re being throttled
2:25 Stop ISP throttling tutorial
3:07 Best VPNs to stop ISP throttling

There are some rock-solid VPN options you can use to avoid ISP throttling and for them.

NordVPN – fastest VPN to get rid of ISP throttling
✔ Doesn’t get detected by ISP
✔ NordLynx protocol preserves maximum of your speed
✔ Your connection is encrypted and secure
✔ Use it on 6 devices at the same time


Surfshark – best price-to-value ratio
✔ High speeds
✔ Advanced obfuscation features
✔ Connection encryption and anonymity
✔ Unlimited devices to use at the same time


IPVanish – a perfect beginner choice
✔ Consistent VPN speeds
✔ Good security and obfuscation tech
✔ Unlimited number of devices per account


In the end, it’s both easy to detect and stop ISP throttling. You just require the best VPN for ISP throttling. Of all I mentioned, NordVPN is a balanced all-rounder, Surfshark is best value for money and IPVanish is a perfect beginner choice. Whichever VPN you end up using, I can only wish you luck and hope that you will never get screwed over by an ISP in your deserved time of rest.

But what is your opinion? Have you ever been throttled? Maybe you are using a different VPN for evading your ISP? Let us know in the comments below!