NordPass | Most secure password manager

NordPass came into a saturated market in 2019 and took one year to become one of the consumer’s favorite password managers. This isn’t surprising, considering the tool was created by NordSec – the people behind the popular (and quite awesome) NordVPN service. Security, privacy, and ease of use are in this company’s DNA, and NordPass does really well in each of these areas.

Pros ⤵️
Very easy, streamlined approach
Works on up to six devices
Security and privacy-first service
Multi-factor authentication
Cutting edge encryption
Independently audited security
Data breach scanner
Lots of useful how-to guides
Really good free option
Live chat

Cons ⤵️
Not as many advanced features as some competitors

Is NordPass safe? ⤵️
Yes – NordPass is completely safe to use. With sophisticated encryption, automatic back-ups and that all-important two-factor authentication offered as standard, NordPass uses all the necessary security measures needed to keep your passwords safe without impacting the user experience.

NordPass encryption ⤵️
Rather than using the industry standard AES-256 encryption, NordPass has opted for the more modern XChaCha20 encryption. And seeing as the newer algorithm is said to be up to three times faster than AE5-256, it’s not hard to see why so many Silicon Valley companies are switching. Because all passwords are end-to-end encrypted, even NordPass staff can’t access your login details.

Independent audit ⤵️
In 2020, NordPass underwent an independent third-party audit by Cure53. This includes their desktop, Android, and iOS apps, as well as their browser extensions. Independent audits are a great way to spot any vulnerabilities before hackers are able to exploit them. Also, a third-party audit is a proof that the application you’re using offers a high level of security.

💎 Should I get NordPass? 💎
Strong security features and low prices make NordPass appealing, but it’s the simplicity that puts it above competitors. The user-friendly design makes this password manager really easy to set up and use, and it works really well on both desktop and mobile.

The only thing that jarred with the otherwise flawless user experience was the fact that you can only be logged in on one device at a time. Still, this is done away with on the Premium account. So, for the sake of a couple of dollars each month, it’s definitely worth upgrading your NordPass account, especially if you want to use it on more than one device.

The simplicity of NordPass makes it an ideal choice for users who are just starting to look into password security. It’s particularly great if you’re setting it up on behalf of a friend or relative who struggles with complex apps.