Turbo VPN Review – Is Turbo VPN Safe to Use? 👇💥

👉 Turbo VPN Review – In this video I talk about the safety and privacy of TurboVPN and whether or not it may suit your VPN needs. I also suggest 3 of the best VPNs in the business.

How’s it going everybody welcome back and is turbo VPN a safe VPN to use I’m gonna be talking about that today also mentioned three other VPNs that you may like, or well may fit your needs a little bit better, maybe a whole lot better than a turbo VPN. In fact, for the same price and cheaper, you’ll be getting a whole lot more than what turbo VPN has to offer, including safety of course and functionality.

Now we’ll get to that in just a second before we get if you guys are interested in any of the VPN is mentioned today, you’ll find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below. Turbo VPN Review. As well as full reviews if you’d like to learn more about these VPNs with regards to their privacy policy, speed streaming, torrenting capabilities as well as security features, you’re not going to find links to turbo VPN because I think it’s an absolutely terrible VPN. And I wouldn’t want you guys to risk your safety here by getting a terrible VPN like turbo VPN here.

There’s a split tunneling and kill switch which you only get with the premium version. And when you first download it on your mobile device. Turbo VPN makes it seem like you need to provide your credit card information for the seven day free trial when in fact you don’t really have to do so but that’s the first thing they put in in front of you so that you can give them your credit card information. So you have very bad marketing behavior here.

This is definitely not the kind of marketing you want to see from any company really tricking you into providing your credit card information when in fact you don’t have to. Turbo VPN Review. Usually with seven day free trials, you don’t need to provide anything more than your email and sometimes some VPNs Don’t even ask for that such as ExpressVPN surf shark, they don’t want to ask for your email just you can download it and get yourself a seven day free trial on the mobile device.

Whereas turbo VPN here tries to get your credit card information by tricking you into thinking that you need to provide such information for the seven day free trial. So that’s red flag number one. And overall turbo VPN is just an unsafe free VPN. It’s riddled with invasive third party advertising and ad logs connection data have also detected DNS leaks, unsafe permissions and malware using turbo VPN poses a serious risk to your privacy and security.

And I would advise you to definitely never download this VPN, but I’m going to talk about it anyways, as I mentioned earlier, so turbo VPN logging policy is confusing and poorly written. It logs far too much data enough that I believe you could be identified if anyone gained access to it. Turbo VPN Review. While registered in Singapore.

It’s owned by a Chinese national and has strong worrying links to Chinese government. They say the minimal information allows them to provide efficient technical support to you but we’ve seen other VPNs that can run without logging that much information. Besides that, thank you guys very much for watching.